Slim & Sassy Summer Challenge!

I’m going to battle – and I want YOU to join me!


The heat is revving up around here and it’s time for shorts, flip flops, and trips to the beach!  That means that it’s also time for getting fit and fabulous to contend with those climbing temperatures and exhausting days!

Starting June 7th, I’m taking the plunge and committing myself to 30 days of self care!  That means eating right, staying active, and most importantly — resisting those cravings!
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Let’s face it — I’m a sucker for a donut.  A bag of chips whispers sweet, crunchy nothings in my ears.  And chocolate?  Sigh.  I’m weak.

And working my homestead in the 90+ degree heat?  Hauling hay bales?  In Summer?  In Texas?

Not in the shape I’m in today.  No, thank you, ma’am.

But it’s time to take control of those cravings and put my health on the fast-track to fabulous!  My secret weapon?

Slim & Sassy – Just In Time For Summer!

For 30 days I’ll be making the most of doTerra’s amazing blend of Essential Oils designed specifically to get Slim & Sassy!  And I want YOU to join ME!  Just click here to join my Facebook event and I’ll contact you to get you started!

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Joining the challenge you’ll get:

  • Daily Inspiration & Accountability
  • Access to the highest quality Essential Oils to curb appetite, increase metabolism, and cleanse harmful toxins from your system
  • Personal coaching to keep you on track
  • The opportunity to turn your 30-days of personal care into a lifetime opportunity for wellness & wealth!
  • The lowest prices on Slim & Sassy Essential Oil, TrimShakes, Appetite Control Bars, Drinks, & More!

I can’t wait to start this journey with you!  Join me today!