Constructing an Ark

I’ve been considering constructing an ark.

All right.  Maybe not a full-on ARK.  But perhaps a small one?

Let’s just put it this way…  At least my ducks can swim.  Really, really well.

You see…  Just a couple of short months ago…  The homestead routinely looked something like this…


And thanks to the brilliant suggestions of the exceptional mind of my 8 year old, the duck run was looking something like this…


The ducks were sitting pretty — high and dry in the Texas sky.

And then this happened…

flood pic

And keeps happening.

Yep.  It’s been raining around these parts with little to no break since April.

The result?

The Great Flood.  We’ve managed to exceed rainfall for the 500 year flood plains.  And that’s no drop in the bucket y’all.

And while only the very back acreage on our property is looking quite that (see pic above) bad —

  • the duck run has been a steady 2-6 inches underwater and MUCKY!
  • We SQUISH across the stepping stones just to get from the front porch to the car.
  • And trying to check the mail?  Half the time the driveway is a sunken bridge.  The water in the “ditches” is flowing at full-river-force most days.

So yeah, it seems drastic.  But with the recent flooding, can anyone blame me?  While I may not have my animals lined up 2 x 2, I’ve definitely been thinking we might need an escape route.

All right, so maybe we won’t build an ark.  But it’s certainly an adventure keeping the menagerie from floating away some days.

And I admit — it hasn’t all been bad:

  • At least the garden is staying well-watered.
  • The car (well, the top of it anyway) is nice and clean.
  • The oleander are blooming beautifully.
  • And besides, who wouldn’t want to build a raft?  That’s fun homestead-y stuff right there.  The girls and I could make a weekend project out of it.

I always was a bit jealous of Huckleberry Finn and his adventures…





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