Essential Oils To Keep The Bugs (And More) At Bay

If you missed it this evening, don’t despair!

As the weather grows steadily warmer here in SE Texas, climbing into the 80s at night as we rapidly approach midsummer, and the rains and flooding we’ve seen so much of this year continue…

Well, we’ve been finding we’re not the only ones seeking shelter indoors.
Already this season we’ve met our first beautiful ribbon snake of Spring sheltering beneath my daughters’ strawbale archery target.  Only days later my eldest opened the coop to find a rat snake visiting and trying to set up housekeeping.  Seems it thought the room came with free board (read:  my market and personal supply of eggs)…

Inside the cats were beset with fleas!  If you’ve never had the pesky bloodsuckers (No, silly!  Not the cats!) for roommates, let me tell you they’re not the easiest tenants to evict.

And have I mentioned the mosquitos breeding in the floodwaters that have grown in size to rival small hummingbirds?  Due in no small part to my routine blood donations?

Yes, summertime in Texas can be something to contend with!

Fortunately all hope is not lost.  For every problem there is, after all, a solution.  And if we learn from these experiences we can arm ourselves to prepare to overcome them when (as they certainly shall) they replay themselves in the future.  And sometimes the future is tomorrow.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Here on the homestead we like to employ the safest, most naturally effective methods to make life more livable.  And for us that frequently means using Essential Oils.  To see which one I use, click here.

That’s why I got the word out and earlier this evening got down to the nitty gritty on which oils work best, what they work best on, and how to use them to combat even the most pesky bugs and other creatures!

In the class we covered topics like:

  • Repelling mosquitos
  • Deterring snakes
  • Healing bug bites quickly
  • Preventing pests in the home
  • The BEST oils for all of this and how to use them!

Using some of my favoutite and most useful oils like lavender, clove, cedarwood, and some AMAZING blends!

And the conversation’s still going!

Click on through here to read all about it!  Then message me and let me know which oils you’d like to try!

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